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Autograph and Auction Item Request Form


By signing below and clicking SUBMIT, I agree to the following NCAA guidelines, which apply to any autographed UGA football item that has been signed by a coach of the University of Georgia.

  1. The autographed football shall NOT be provided to benefit directly or indirectly any student (athlete or non-athlete) who is prospect age (any student in grades 9-12), or to any parent of a prospect age student, or to any high school for fundraising (auction or raffle), or high school staff member (e.g., coach, athletic director, principal, etc.).
  2. The autographed football shall not be sold without the written consent from The Kirby Smart Family Foundation. A letter from TKSFF of consent for fundraising purposes will be enclosed with the autographed football.

The Kirby Smart Family Foundation reserves the right to request the return of the autographed football if the organization fails to satisfy or comply with any of these conditions.

The Kirby Smart Family Foundation may take legal action should these guidelines be violated.

The Kirby Smart Family Foundation is not responsible for any autographed footballs that are lost, stolen or damaged.

Please review your request to make sure you have completed all fields and the information listed is correct. Incomplete requests will not be processed.